Global Dive Log

Share your logbook data with us.

Over 20 million people are regular recreation scuba divers! Each of you keep a record of your dives and in many cases, marine observations in your logbooks. We are asking all of you (divers and snorkelers) to share that data with us so that we may give our oceans a much needed health check!

To contribute data please add your full name to the first box on the right.

Please add the name of your dive site, region and country you dived in the second box i.e. Marsa Shagra, Marsa Alam, Egypt.

Please add the answer to the sum in box 3. This helps stop malicious robots trying to become scuba divers!!

Then add your observations in box 4 including specific observations and any counts of indicator species for the eco-region (details are on the eco-region page).

Finally, if you want to add a picture of yourself or the divesite, upload this at the final stage by ‘choose file’, before submitting your data. Please ensure your picture is no bigger the 300px x 250px.

Thank you for contributing to the earthdive global dive log. Your contribution, once approved by our technical/science staff will be included in our list of latest dives!

Note: Your name will not appear in this list unless YOU add it to the details of your dive in box 4.

Please select your image to upload. Why not a picture of your dive site, or you, or what you have seen on your dive.